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We have created many unique decks of Firearm themed Poker Cards, Gun History Flash Cards and 2A Trading Cards – All our deck of cards are made in USA

Sept 2015 – AK47 Identification Playing Cards
Our 1st Successful Kickstarter Project
– $13,141 pledged
– 438% funded
– 625 backers

custom playing cards we made online together wth our viewers, then had printed in USA at the bicycle playing cards company in Tennessee

custom made playing cards with a AK47 theme, to look like US Military Aricraft I.D. playing cards decks

AK47 Playing Cards

June 2017 – Old West Guns Playing Cards
Our 2nd Successful Kickstarter Project
– $13,893 pledged
– 231% funded
– 434 backers

The best playing cards we have found with an Old West theme
Truly custom made playing cards we created LIVE with our viewers. We talked about the guns, their information and why we chose them

Then we had them printed in Texas USA

Grab the best poker cards, while they last

Old West Guns Playing Cards

July 2018 – Firearm Inventors Playing Cards
Our 3rd Successful Crowdfunding Project
– $5,156 pledged
– 206% funded
– 129 backers

Poker Playing Cards

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