Old West Guns Playing Cards

52 Cards & 2 Jokers
Each card has information about a unique firearm from the Old West with Color Images, Dates & Info

They are printed on  310gsm (Linen) stock, regulation “poker size” (63 X 88mm) playing cards for poker, or any other card games, magic tricks or gifts.

Each deck includes a full color custom printed box, with 52 playing cards (and a few surprises)

How the suits break down: 
  • Spades = Rifles
  • Hearts = Revolvers
  • Clubs = Shotguns & Rimfire
  • Diamonds = Derringers & Pocket Pistols

Deck Inventory:

13x Different Rifles
13x Different Revolvers
  8x Different Shotguns
  5x Different Rimfire Rifles
  8x Different Derringers
  5x Different Pocket Pistols
2x Jokers

Each card includes;

  • Color Images
  • Dates
  • Information about the Firearm
  • Life-Size Image of the Ammunition

Card Features Include:

  • Full Color Image of the Firearm
  • Model name
  • Date of manufacture
  • Number Produced
  • Caliber
  • Capacity
  • Action
  • Barrel Length
  • Inventor
  • Nickname
  • Life-Size Image of the Ammunition

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